Steve and his team are awesome! I used them both as property managers for my home while I lived across the country, then as realtors when I finally decided to sell.

The team showed exceptional customer service, fantastic attention to detail, and expeditious responses to questions. While deciding to sell my house, Steve was a valuable sounding board about listing options, price point, and timeline. He was very flexible, never pushy, but extremely well educated about the process.

I just wish they had an office out here in Virginia!

Thanks, Steve et al. You've been fantastic!

Maria W.
Satisfied Customer

This company definitely earned their pay from this sale.

We originally started off renting the property but due to a change of circumstances, we decided to sell the property after we departed California. We were very impressed, not only by the reviews, but their website which answered all of our questions. We had to entirely rely on Steve and his staff from the beginning until the completion of the sale.

He provided local market analysis on similar properties in the area and a detailed data net sheet to illustrate all the associated costs we would incur after the sale.

He provided excellent tips which he organized while preparing our home for sale. Needless to say when we saw our listing, with the professional photographs taken by his staff, we were blown away. His recommendations and teams hard work paid off; within a couple days we received multiple offers on the property. Our property blew all similar properties in the area out of the water on Zillow statistics.  We received a cash offer for the full asking price and went into closing after only a few days on the market.

Throughout the process he kept us informed, was well organized, and provided excellent recommendations to steer us in the wisest direction while being easy to work with. We couldn't have had a more pleasant experience selling our home.

I intend to recommend GL Realty to my friends who own property in the area if they plan to rent or sell as I can't imagine it getting any better than Steve and his team.

Jerry S.

The purpose of this review is to provide a stellar review and recommendation for Steve Welty. In fact, to save you time, here is my conclusion - Mr. Welty is the best agent we have ever engaged.

First, scan all the other reviews and note how long and complete they are. Nobody spends the time to lavish praise unless it is highly warranted. And, for the record, this review was unsolicited. I wrote this on my own volition.

Here is a brief frame of reference. My wife has been an attorney for over 30 years and a significant portion of her practice involved real estate. I have been a corporate officer and a business owner for 30+ years. For a brief period of time, I took a break from the corporate world, as my wife and I were buying properties for our own account. I was a very active income property agent involved in over 100 additional transactions for my clients. I achieved all those closings in just three years and as such I became well-versed in what constitutes a good agent versus a great agent. Most of the agents I interacted with only performed the minimum amount of work to just get the job done.

It is with that perspective that I proudly, and confidently, offer my highest recommendation for Mr. Welty.

We decided to sell out property and engaged Mr. Welty as our real estate professional. He provided us with extensive data beyond just the general comps, typically offered by real estate agents.

As with any rental property, there were certain minor items that needed to be addressed to enhance the property. He offered various options to us which he felt would both maximize the selling price and minimize the time on the market. He utilized his extensive list of pre-screened contractors, handymen, and other professionals to attend to the property issues.

It was discovered, by the ultimate buyer, that an electrical issue was present in our 40-year old property. The buyer presented us with a $5,200 work-order to be performed by his electrician. Mr. Welty, utilizing his contractor network, found two licensed electricians who could do the work for about 45% of the $5,200 proposal. Needless to say, the savings were substantial.

Additionally, there were some minor issues concerning a possible termite infestation inside our unit. While, as owners, we were fully prepared to pay to resolve this problem, Steve, without our request, contacted the HOA and negotiated for the HOA to incur these costs. He didn't have to do that, we would never have known and he would have had an easier time had he just allowed us to incur those costs. He went above and beyond the normal course of duty to fully represent both us and our financial interests.

Mr. Welty also exceeds the normal services provided by a real estate agent. Since we are over a thousand miles away from San Diego, he coordinated all of the routine visits, inspections, work and other human-involved interactions with our property in a prompt and efficient manner. He clearly communicated with us via email and telephonically at all times, without us ever having to call and ask, "What's up with our property."

In short, whether you need professional property management services or require his services to buy or sell your property, you will be well-served to contact Good Life Property Management for all your real estate needs.

And, just to reiterate, Mr. Welty is the best agent we have ever engaged. You should expect to receive the same level of service and professionalism as we did.

Whew, you made it to the end. Thanks.

Rod A.
Satisfied Client

The GL Realty & Investments team were an absolute pleasure to work with when it came to managing my rental property and then selling it for top dollar. They managed the whole process all including prepping the  house for sale, finding contractors for painting, repairs and even staging. I didn't even go to the property once. Within a week we had 7 offers and the rest is history. The sale is final today and I couldn't be happier. I will definitely be looking to utilize Steve's services in the future!

Jason B.
Satisfied Customer

Thank you for your professional level of service you provided when selling our rental condo. An efficient company at a fair price. We would recommend you to all our friends & family.

Hoai N.
Satisfied Customer

They got my house sold in just a couple weeks at more then the asking price!  They offer outstanding customer service and are very knowledgeable about the process.

Cody J.
Satisfied Client

During the sale of my condo I received weekly updates of the tours that took place and an overview of the real estate sales in the area. Steve coordinated all the tours with my tenants. I didn't have to do anything besides sign documents. I would highly recommend them to sell your property!

Krissy B.
Satisfied Client

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